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How to build and play  "anim5 - The Home Game"

What You'll Need:

___The printed pages that create the Game
___Adhesive tape and Scissors <-- ( Kids, please ask a grown-up! )
___An empty coffee can
___A few pens and pencils
___Rubber bands
___A glass of water in the 'fridge
___A phone book
___An old magazine ( Disposable. NOT a keepsake from the 1940's PLEASE! )
___Snack Food! ( chips, Doodles, pretzels etc. - - and at least 1 wrapped candy bar.)
___A Nickel, Penny, Dime and Quarter

Useful, but not essential:
___A Kitchen Timer
___A video Camera. ( Trust me, if you play this game right, you'll want a tape for posterity.)

It's recomended that you set aside enough time to Make the Game before playing it.

The actual game construction is a piece-a'-cake!

The hardest part of the whole process is cutting out the Paper Players.
    Once you've got them cut out and standing, the rest is EASY.
    Remember: Neatness Does NOT count!

We have also found that singing Viking Songs or Whistling T.V. Theme songs makes the process a whole lot more enjoyable. Just watch those Scissors.

Step 1

Print out the Game Pages.
( Those of you with any amount of craft skill can skip these instructions entirely once you see the game pages. There really isn't any order you need to follow for this. )

Step 2

Trim only the Edges of the Game Board that need to meet, and tape them together.
It only takes a few pieces of tape, and lining them up EXACTLY is the kind of thing they make you do at work, so... DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.

Step 3

Cut out the Action and Penalty Cards like so:

Fold'em over and throw a few pieces of tape around the edges so you get the card instructions on one side and the picture on the other.

Step 4

Cut out the Paper Players.

You can get away with just TWO for the game, but you may want more depending on how rough things get for them.

Step 5

Cut out the Dice
Again, you only need one to play.
You also don't need to make the thing a perfect square. IT'S JUST A GAME.

Step 6

Cut out the  Card Monster  and "assemble":

Just Curl the lower portion into a tube.

Step 7

Gaze longingly out the window, wondering when the days of Disco and 8-Tracks will return.

Step 8

Put away the Scissors!

Step  9

Separate the Action and Penalty cards, shuffle them and put them in two piles wherever it's easiest to get at them.
Hunker Down and Get ready to be extremely silly.


This is a game for Two to Four players, but if you have more folks around, it's still easy for them to participate.

Each Player selects a coin. ( Penny, Nickel etc.)
These are the markers placed on the board to indicate where the player is, starting where it says: START HERE ( yes, I DO hear millions of people out there saying, " . . . well DUH! " )


Shuffle the PERMITS face down, and select one per player. Once you have the permit, Practice using it. Use it to the point where you become annoying!
It's a PERMIT !


Each Player must now do a Jack Nicholson impersonation. ( Subsequent game play calls for a new celebrity to be selected each time.)
The player that does the BEST impersonation goes first.  Players then take turns going clockwise from that player.


Roll the Die.If it lands on the board, it doesn't count.Take turns, moving your coin along the white "road" according to the number on the die.

From here on in, it's totally NO-BRAIN stuff. If you land on an action or penalty square, pick up the correct card and follow the instructions. Once you're done with the card, feed it to the CARD MONSTER, while making chomping gobbling sounds. ( <-- YES you MUST do this! ) If you run out of one Kind of card, just use what's left of the others. Some of the squares, as you've seen, give their OWN instructions.


Make as many copies of the Game Pages as you Want! Hand 'em out to Friends, bring'em to parties,  JUST DON'T SELL THEM.
If you have a good time playing, please E-Mail us and let us know!
Version II will depend on that!

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