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Just me getting started.


Is it possible for the people of the world to witness a genuine miracle? A miracle that convinces 80% of the population that there is an almighty divine being? If so - what would that miracle have to be?


How do you feel about what's going on in the world and the role of the U.S. government? - Has anyone got any speculations about why the search for alternative energy has been fruitless for the past thirty years?  also 

Is there really a Democracy in America? Or is it all a dog and pony show?


Y 2 Read part 1


Y 2 Read part 2


Which moment has more reality? Pouring a cup of coffee when you get home from work, or Hamlet sneaking up on Claudius in the chapel with 1,500 people watching?

Are RPG's for role playing? Or do they afford a welcome opportunity to STOP the role playing we do constantly already?


What would be your idea of heaven? If you could select or tailor your 'eternal reward', what would it be?

What 3 or 4 sentences would you put on your eternal t-shirt to identify YOU?


Who would you send the Fiction Assassins after?


RE: Good and Evil


Don Juan In Hell Part 1


Don Juan In Hell Part 2


A solid granite block, 10' wide x 10' tall x 2' thick is sent hurtling out into space. 

It will outlast the sun and the earth. ( According to NASA, so will the Pioneer spacecraft that were launched in the '70s. ) 

If humanity doesn't make it far enough and long enough to escape this solar system - and the earth will eventually fall into the sun . . . Some indication of our existence and accomplishments would be nice to have speeding into the void for a few hundred million years. 

What would you carve into the surfaces of this eternal marker, and what objects would you place inside it, if it had 12 one-square-foot compartments?


The EXXON chipmonk rant.


Vocal coaching from anim5 the frustrated "Actorrrrrreh"


Is it Possible to have Universal Peace if we continue to act like humans?


Commentary on Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games Part 1.


Commentary on Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games Part 2.

With the Questions: "Can MMORPG's ruin lives? Can MMORPG's save lives? Is Life a Game?"


What forms of communication transcend spoken and written language? ( And what information can be conveyed using them? )


When you release a Genie, are you getting your 3 wishes granted here, or are you just getting shifted across realities? ( Next time you release a Genie, please let me know.) 

When we add up the collective unconscious + visions of mythic truth + human archetypes, do we get evidence of beings and concepts that bridge the gap between a multitude of genuine alternate realities?


Episode Roundup ( Every 20 Episodes ) And a call for creative work from listeners.


If you had all of the powers of SUPERMAN without any of the moral or ethical constraints associated with him, what would YOU do?


Homo Sapiens survive by transforming their environment into whatever they need. 'starts with spears and skins, ends in global warming and a poisoned planet. 

How did evolution churn out dangerous mutants like us?


Daydreams and Night dreams. What are they? Does everyone in the world have them in pretty much the same way? Do the ones that make the least sense hold the most truth? What are yours?


Did the human race take a 'wrong turn' or make a collectively bad decision in our history? If so, what do YOU think it was, and when did it happen ?


If we were wrong to invent civilization, what were we supposed to do instead? Where would we be now as a species if we remained leavers? And since we DID invent civilization, and things are about to get extremely ugly, what should we be doing now?


What do YOU want to speculate about?


Jason Godesky's Thirty Thesis. In General, a show centering on the philosophical/political novel "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn.

29a and 29b

Religion. Open treatment.


November 30th Experiment Show 

The first of the Corrugated Rants. 


Many Emails! Mostly a response show to both religion and the whole "Ishmael" topic.


What would you miss the most after a collapse of civilization?


What would be the absolute best gift you believe you could ever get ? - also - What do you believe would the absolute best gift the human race could get ? ( Yes, absolutely ANYTHING )


December 31st - Podcasters meet in New York. Caroline, Sasha, Tangent, Working Man, Gazeboboy, Nev and myself - All gathered together at the Tick-Tock diner in Manhattan.


An email response show. Older Question speculations from listeners.


Do we humans create our own reality through shared and focused belief? 

Do we turn our Myth into Truth effecting that reality in tangible ways? And, 

Are dogs more important than people?


This episode reads feedback and attempts to explore the mystery, popularity and gross stupidities of dining on misery. What the hell is up with all these people who accentuate the negative ALL the time? - And what about the irrational popularity of reading, seeing and hearing all about celebrity X every time he/she dresses badly, gains 2 pounds or does something imperfect? 


March 5th 2007 Interview with Auntie Ed of "For The Horde Radio" ( Before she began that podcast ) Computer and Console gaming from a woman's perspective. A frank and candid interview with Mrs. anim5 about gender issues in online MMO's and electronic entertainment in general.


What are your gaming experiences in both tabletop RPG's and in online MMO's that are directly gender related? Specifically the view and treatment of female characters?


April 2007 The Second Corrugated Rant


Was there an event in your life that changed its course dramatically - An event that happened by total random chance? Were you ever in a place, did you ever find an item, meet someone, or read some text - anything, that easily might never have happened, but for the 'roll of the cosmic dice' ?


Anm5's panic episode over the possibility of losing his job.  ( One year early )


Robots. . Computers . . Will it matter if they become self-aware or not? Won't most people believe that they have wills and minds regardless of the circuitry ?


Episode Roundup ( Every 20 Episodes )


Skype Chat 001 June 10th 2007 

Sarah and Nev of "Does My Geek Look Big In This?


With current and approaching technologies, all kinds of changes to individual bodies and to the human race as a whole are possible. Will we be smart enough to change only what SHOULD be changed? Or will the technology overtake our judgment?


Skype Chat 002 June 28th 2007 

Dickey of "The Stealth Geek" podcast.


A continuation of "Transhumanism and Idiosyncrasies". 


Skype Chat 003 July 14th 2007 

Mark 'Thayan' Reed of The Groovy Gamers Groovecast".


Internet Content - Quality ? or Crap? The Cult of the Amateur 


Skype Chat 004 August 5th 2007 

Curt The Camera Guy of "The Wandering Geek" podcast.


Skype Chat 005 August 12th 2007 

Mick Bradley of "The House of The Harping Monkey and The Roundtable".


What are the 3 worst products of "the professionals" that you've ever been subjected to? Movies - Books - Music or even "expert opinions" ?


Shakespeare. Anything to do with -


Skype Chat 006 September 30th 2007 

The Encaffeinated One of "The Weird Show".


Shakespeare part 2 - More of anything to do with -


Life's little mysteries. What little nagging questions keep you wondering? 


Where is "Sheba" and why are there so many women who think they're Queen of it? 

Why don't we ever see any baby pigeons? 

After a century of Newspapers and phone books how can we still have trees? 

Why does my horoscope keep calling me names?


November 10th 2007 

Special Roving Blither  

THEY took Chandeliers to Manhattan


November 25th 2007 

Cardboard Rant # 3 - A Corrugated Crysitoonity


Who do you think " THEY " are? What do you think THEY look like? How do you suppose THEY spend their time? How often do you suppose THEY . . . are US ?


My Friends and Family have heard this a thousand times. But it happened to me and it's my favorite little story to tell . . . ( Invitation to listeners for just these types of tales )


Email Feedback on a variety of topics.


What is important?" On a personal level? On A social level? On a global level? Is it a matter of scale, timing . . . who you ask . . . What really IS important?


What are your views on transitional states? Life and identities during liminal times and events?


What Painting, Photograph or Song most completely describes who you are?


What Paintings, Photographs, Songs, books, characters or films most completely describe who you are? ( Basically, try to pick 3 works of art )


If you could sit down for dinner and conversation with anyone alive today. Who would it be?


Skype Chat 007 March 7th 2008 

George Hrab of "The Geologic Podcast".


Is Money a tool used by people or has it taken over the world and become a tool that uses us ?


Will a refusal to let go of money as the dominant ruler of humanity be the cause of our extinction?


If you could be transformed into an immortal digital version of yourself, ( a nanotech cyborg ) would you?

With the procedure available worldwide, what would you do about the resulting over-population?


If you had unlimited funding and resources - and you could change anything or everything about the educational system in your country. What would you do? Would you make changes and what would they be ?


Episode Roundup ( Every 20 Episodes )


If you could replace the content of every roadside billboard on Earth with one, two or three sentences, what would you write ?


How many facts can you list that you KNOW are absolutely true, but you can't prove them ?


Two generations after an apocalypse, the survivors will hear three minutes of audio from you. What will they hear ?


What ONE SECRET would you personally like revealed ?


What are the BIGGEST SECRETS you want revealed ?

Also: Any answers you may have re: The Secret of Success The JFK Assassination UFOs


Aside from your senses, what sources of information / input help you form your reality ? How implicitly do you trust them ?


Open Ended Series # 1 - September7th 2008 

Simon of "The Curio" podcast and blog.


How many lies do you recognize immediately when they come from the media? - When was the last time you spotted one?


Open invitation for feedback on Episode 67 - Or any topics from the IDDFOS history of shows.


Have you ever been Bullied? What did you do about it? What solution to BULLIES could you give to Grade school kids - High School students - and Adults ?


What is your Dream Job? No qualifiers, no Caveats, no limitations. What would you enjoy as an occupation for the rest of your life ?


What hand-held, wall mountable piece of stone would you like to see sculpted? A symbol, an object, or a sentence dipped in concrete ?


Falsehood - Deception - If all Lies and the telling of Lies were comepletley removed from the human experience, could we still be considered human ?


Please list the most impressive, inspiring and positive examples of success that can be found in the history of human activity starting from whenever you wish and leading right up to today. 

Leave all dark failures and negativity OUT of the reply - There is no end of recorded media that will document the bad. We're not asking about that. 

Further: What would be your Best Case Scenario for the long term future of human beings ? 

There is no requirement to support positive probabilities, with any evidence, but if you'd like to then you're more than welcome to present it. 


Would you ever write out and sign a document representing your "soul" and then sell it to someone ? If Yes, Why ?  If No, why not ?


Why do humans create and listen to music?


If you could take over the body of anyone on Earth today or throughout history. Who would it be and what would you do? - No problems with language nor impersonation. Cart Blanche.


If you could take over your OWN body at any point in your past in order to change a single event or moment, would you? And what would be changed?


No such episode.


What is YOUR blueprint and roadmap for the New IDDFOS ?

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