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This part assumes that you have your Three Dice Parts Cut out.

 Take your ruler and line it up along the printed lines of your Dice section. 
What you're doing is using it as a straight guide for FOLDING the piece.
Bend the piece over the ruler, keeping the edge along the printed line. ( It can be helpful to lay the whole thing flat on a table, and press down on the ruler while lifting up the flap of cardboard.)
As you can see, This section of the Dice is folded in the OPPOSITE way it will actually be, but that's ok. We just wanted to get the line straight and make the crease.
That's what helps us fold it back the right way without messing up the angles. You'll see when you do it. It's pretty Easy!
' Just lining up the ruler and bending the sections wherever the straight lines are.
It's this step that will really make taping the Ball closed a LOT easier later on!
Do this with Both Large Pieces and the Small middle piece.
Soon you can move on to the next step.


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