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Time To Close Up The Shape!

 Start in the middle of your flat shape, and begin to close the angles together One at a time.
Set a piece of adhesive tape along one edge first, then bring the joining edge up behind it.
Apply a single piece of tape to the outer edge . . .
. . . But put as much tape as you'd like on the inside! ( It can't hurt.)
Repeat this step slowly and carefully, switching from one side to the other once in a while. There really isn't a specific order to follow, just form the shape as you go, and you'll see any mistakes right away.
As you get closer to the end, you'll find it harder and harder to get inside the Ball with tape.
Remember, it's perfectly OK to bend some flaps all the way back to get them out of your way until it's their turn to get closed.
Now that you've reached the final triangle to close, you're wondering, "How can I get tape on the inside for this?" - And the answer is:
You can't.
Neither can I.
 But don't worry.
The rest of your Improvisation Ball is strong enough to help out this last little corner, and you can add a little more strength to the final closing by putting an extra piece of tape ( or two ) over the last fold.
Guess what? You're Done!



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