The Actors
These players may give a flat and stiff performance, but the right dialog can work wonders.

Remember: These little guys need no cardboard backing.

What is the Big challenge here?
The Small size of the figures.
But here are a few tricks you can use to make them easier to create.

 Start by cutting away just the square with the actor in it. This will give you a simple and small piece to work with, and it won't need to be cut again until the character is folded "Back-toBack".

You will see a straight and thin black line between the two halves of the actor picture. Use your ruler to help fold the picture in half EXACTLY along this line. This way the actor can be turned from right to left when on stage.

For the Actors, it is perfectly fine to use a Glue Stick. After you apply the glue all over the back of the folded picture, place a straightened paperclip or a pipe cleaner into the center of one of the picture backs. This will be your actor's "motivation".

Now you can fold the two halves together and get ready to cut away the excess white area around your miniature performer.

Here's the last trick:
Don't try to cut along the edge of the actor. Snip IN toward the actor with lots of little cuts
and trim away the "fuzz" afterward.

As always, you just need to work slowly and carefully.
Once you finish one Actor, the rest will be easier! 
The directors in "BIG" theaters never have this much control over their cast!


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