After years of thinking about it, wondering about it, putting it off, searching, giving up trying again . . hunting, shifting, digging and despairing . . . I finally located my button, patch, badge and tag collection.  It has been buried in a pile of STUFF in my basement that rivals the junk heap from "Labyrinth"

The idea was to photograph the whole collection and put it on digital display. This weekend, after a pack of AA batteries and 17 hours work, that goal has been met.

The collection had its beginning more than 35 years ago.
Most of the buttons in it were made by me.
( Heartfelt Nostalgic thanks to "Badge-A-Minit" of Oglesby, IL ! 
I bought a kit from them when I was 17 and I'm likely to start buying from them again.)

Many of them were bought at conventions or toy stores.

The whole shebang used to hang on my wall no matter where I lived, but about 18 years ago I packed it all away and hadn't seen it until this past Friday. By the time I was finished photographing each item, the image tally had gone over 500. I have not included all of them here, just the ones that fit the categories to your right.

Thank you for taking a look!  I'm very proud of my button collection.


Note - The image above is
actually a convention badge. Extra Super Geek Points to
the viewer that knows WHICH Con it was from.

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