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"Hosting the Kazimeer"
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The Fate of the Land rests on the last Ivory Dragon Morpher
and he's trapped inside the mind of a boy thief !

The destruction of the Land began to take place when Landon was named Kazimeer. Neither he nor his people are aware that this destruction was set in motion by a force far worse than their nightmares could conjure. That force is Taj

Known only in legend as "The Dark Master", Taj was trapped a millennia ago inside a prison called "The Pit". After a thousand years he has broken free and is still hungry for control, holding a serious grudge against the Ivory Dragon's descendants. Through a series of clever spells Taj frames Landon publicly for the Land's destruction and executes him in front of the gathered population of Sevatzer.

However, Taj does not know all of the powers hidden within the Ivory Dragon. For that matter, Landon doesn't know either. Although his body appears to be dead, Landon's mind remains alert, active and in the head of a young, street-wise thief named Jaron.

Not only must Landon contend with the overwhelming problem of stopping the destruction of the Land, he must try to do so from within a disagreeable, argumentative boy who couldn't care less.

As if the Land's destruction, Taj's malignant takeover and the lack of a body weren't enough, the boys must work together quickly before Landon's consciousness takes over Jaron's body permanently!

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