Dysfunctional D & D

A new and slightly frayed DM finds a great challenge
in introducing D&D to family members.

( 15 minutes  -  6 meg   .mp3 )

Who's Arathi ?

"Who's On First?" Re-fitted for PVP in "World of Warcraft"

(  6 min.  38 seconds  -  3.8 meg   .mp3  )

A Winter Veil Tale

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"
( Adapted to "World of Warcraft" )
Yes! The WHOLE story.
This sucker is an hour and twenty minutes!

Produced by "Auntie Ed" of FOR THE HORDE RADIO
and performed by the F.T.H. Radio Staff.
I include it here because I wrote it and
narrated some of it. Also, because I'm VERY proud of the 70+ hours of work my wife did in post-production to turn it into a very fine work of Audio Art!
Do you Love "A Christmas Carol"?
Have you played WOW?
Then this is well worth a listen!

( 1 hour and 21 minutes )


A Couple 'o Characters - Non Player

What do the NPC's in MMO's talk about
when you're not looking? *

(  7 min.  39 seconds  -  3.6 meg   .mp3  )

* If you don't know what NPC or MMO stand for, you will
not find this funny. 

Hamlet De-Railed

The "Story Fixer" jumps into the fiction
multiverse and nips this tragedy in the bud.
Hamlet's Father remains un-ghosted and Claudius
gets a swift kick in the groin.

(   7 minutes 19 seconds  -  2.93 meg     .mp3   )

All's Well Cellular Hell

A disgruntled suitor vents to his friend, filling him in on the details of Helena and Bertram.
 All's well if it ends well. But it sure didn't end well for this jealous, foul-mouthed bystander.

(   21 minutes  -  4.73 meg     .mp3   )

The Paginator 2000 !

". . .Aha, you say . . but what about the lucky, lucky few who have
'Walkman' style audio players? Let's ask this hired actor in a laundramat . ."

* "The Paginator 2000"
( The Perfect Entertainment Cassette )

(  6 minutes  -  2.5 meg   .mp3  )

Don Juan In Hell
( Act III of  " Man and Superman "  by G.B. Shaw )

45 minutes - 83.2 meg -  .mp3

50 minutes - 93 meg - .mp3

Goon Show Nightmare Part 001
(  16 min.  19 seconds  -  6.54 meg   .mp3  )

Goon Show Nightmare Part 002
(  7 min.  46 seconds  -  3.11 meg   .mp3  )

Goon Show Nightmare Part 003
(  8 min.  53 seconds  -  3.56 meg   .mp3  )

A poor, but sincere tribute to " The Goon Show ".
It's performed as a dream and shamelessly steals
their jokes.

The Tale of "Heaven and Hell"

Part 1
( 5 min. 23 seconds   -   2.33 meg  .mp3)
Part 2
(  3 min. 4 seconds  -  1.3 meg  .mp3 )
Part 3
( 4 min. 28 seconds  -  1.9 meg  .mp3 )

Polonius Then
1 minute 30 seconds  -  606 k   .mp3

Good advice? Bad advice?  At least the Dad is saying SOMETHING.

Polonius now
4 minutes  -  1.62 meg   .mp3

"The Tale of the Samurai"

A true Warrior demonstrates what
'elegant victory' means.

( 3 min. 48 seconds  -  1.65 meg  .mp3 )

This section is for audio related to
Favorite Podcasts

They began as "mini-dramas"
3 to 4 minute promotional pieces that
featured the related show,
Once in a while though, I went overboard and
the length got a bit extreme.

For "Gamer: The Podcasting"
A hardboiled gumshoe falls into the hands of "would be" spies.

For " Dragon's Landing"
George Bailey and Clarence explore the advantages of Randomness.


For " Dragon's Landing"
A little over a year later, Clarence looks for help from
George to bring back the Dragon's Landing podcast.

For " The Round Table" and "Misfit Brew"
A pompous Alien gets his from a Myth-Savvy Farmer.

( The voice of the Muse "Thalia" at the end
of that piece, belongs to Mrs. anim5 )

For "Fist full of Comics (and games)"
A brand new work of Shakespeare! About comics and games?

For " Does My Geek Look Big In This"
Space battles and chases in the tradition of  Space Cadets!


For " Dragon's Landing - Chupa Bob abduction "
DRAGNET ' s  Joe Friday deals with local Chupacabra worries.
20 minutes  -  18.3 meg


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so that I can download your show and listen to it!  :)
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