Archived  Episodes 1 through 20 - April 27th to August 23rd, 2006

Transmission 020  August 23rd 2006
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
"How many podcasts did it take for anim5 to figure out it was time for a change?"

Download the .mp3  -  11.5 meg     29 minutes

Heads Up - Round Up - Change Up.

Late, short , but potent with news.

IDDFOS will be undergoing a change for the better ( I sincerely hope ).
Reflections on the show to date, it's pluses and minuses.
A decision to change the format - shape, delivery, quality, consistency
and all other aspects of the podcast that may serve to make it a more enjoyable audio offering.

A brand new 60 second promo! ( see the column to your right )

A high-speed summary of all the podcasts from 1 to 19 ( 2 minutes and 50 seconds )

An appreciation of creativity in all it's forms, but especially the forms exercised by you.

Whole lot O' Vacuform

An invitation  to the listeners and a promise from me that's good for the next two weeks.

Episode 21 will post 2 weeks from now (  September 6th ).

In the intervening time, much work, re-tooling and production will be taking place on my end.

One of the subjects for episode 21 will be:
" If you had all of the powers of  SUPERMAN without any of the moral or ethical constraints associated with him, what would YOU do?"

Send in your answers to anim5@anim5.com and they will be read on the show.

Best of days and look for a show in September that's more fun to listen to.

Closing music:
Track 13 - composed by Mrs. anim5

Transmission 019  August 10th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
"Do you think Spock looks good in a beard? How about red hair
and horn rimmed glasses?"

Download the .mp3  -  26.1 meg     1 hour  5 minutes

Confirmation from theoretical physics that everything you or anyone else can possibly imagine. . . actually exists.

One little twist can bend a reality.
A practicum in creating your own dimensional paradox with a Mobius strip.

Clumsy talk about dimensions beyond the fourth.

Branching timelines are all well and good, but they don’t allow for Santa Claus in this universe.
For him, we need alternate beginnings.

Simulate the “Big Bang” with a paper bag, a few pounds of assorted dice and a baseball bat . . .

When you release a Genie, are you getting your wishes granted here, or are you just getting shifted across realities?
( Next time you release a Genie, please let me know.)

When we add up the collective unconscious + visions of mythic truth + human archetypes, do we get evidence of beings and concepts that bridge the gap between a multitude of genuine alternate realities?

Links for this show:

The Brain Food Podcast

Mobius Strip

Imaginning the 10th Dimension

The Global Consciousness Project - Random Numbers Generators

DMT Research notes

Closing music:  The Indestructable Captain Scarlet!

Extra Special Thanks to Chuck and Lonnie at the "Dragon's Landing Inn" for playing an introductory piece of my 'Dragnet' parody of Chupacabra drama! The whole piece will be a part of their podcast feed. How cool is that?
If you'd like to save them some bandwidth, you can also get it here:

Transmission 018  August 3rd 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that says:
"Sweet viscous fluid, I miniaturized the goat infants."

Download the .mp3  -  27.3 meg     1 hour  8 minutes

Episode 18 takes a step back into episode 12 with speculation about deciphering an alien written language ( Ours - if found inside the granite block ).

There's a ton of classic literature we’d like to see sent out into space and discovered millions of years from now. . . but is it reasonable to assume that even the most advanced space faring intelligence would have a snowball’s chance in hell of translating anything we’ve written into their own language?

Also, a brief closer examination of our own foul-ups in translation, cultural oddities and obsolete technologies for storing and retrieving information.

If we lose the true meaning of translated languages over distance and decades – and
our own digital storage is evolving fast enough to make
ancient archives ( floppy disks from fourteen years ago ) unreadable, what chance would an alien have of reading one of our DVD’s or hard drives?

Speaking in metaphor just like the Tamarians in "Darmok"

The "Felix the Cat" song is a big fat Lie !

What kind of dirty trick was that whole "Tower of Babel"

This Week’s Question comes at the very end.
What forms of communication transcend spoken and written language?
( And what information can be conveyed using them? )

Links for this show:

The Bear's Grove Podcast  ( see also the permanent link in the right column )

The Eclectic Mix and the One-Minute-How-To podcasts.

The WOW forum post about "The Guardians of Malingon"
an MMO guild that came to a cancer victim's rescue.

The 3D world / game building software kit.

Wikipedia : Rosetta Stone

Wikipedia : Star Trek TNG - "Darmok"

This site had some funny translation errors.

A page with the Babel Fish translation software built in.
Give it a test drive, you might find it fun.

Closing music:
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
from "The Nutcracker" - composed in 1892
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Why? The damn heatwave lingers.

Transmission 017  July 23rd 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
"Who do we think you are?"

Download the .mp3  -  29 meg     1 hour  12 minutes

Part 2 of 2
Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games.

No way to fit this topic into a single show, so be sure to look for the notes and links in part 1 below.

Here in part two I try to concentrate more on the original questions that prompted the episodes.

First a brief treatment of MMO games that are not geared toward violent behavior. ( Look just below for links to these worlds.)

Next the audio observations of Mr. Tee - the second of the two audio files he sent for the last episode.

And finally an attempt to answer his three primary questions:
Can MMORPG's ruin lives?
Can MMORPG's save lives?
Is Life a Game?

Links for this show:

"Second Life - Non Violent Multiplayer World"
"Activeworlds - Non-Violent Multiplayer World"
3D objects built by anim5
"Avatars, Architecture and Items from AWRPG"
"Fascinating Article about Real World Money and MMO's"
"Far better than average Flash animation done by a WOW player. Made me laugh" ( some mildly foul language )

Closing song this week: "The Carol of the Bells"
Composed  by -
Mykola Dmytrovich Leontovych

- Date: 1916
why?      'cause it's 100 degrees outside and 88% humidity.

Transmission 016  July 17th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
"Did you go in last night?"

Download the .mp3  -  28.5 meg     1 hour  11 minutes

Part 1 of 2
Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games.

Click to Embiggen . . . Click to Embiggen

No way to fit this topic into a single show, so next week will be Part 2. ( So please write in and add your input. Or click that pink Odeo button up there on your right, and send along some audio. )

How do I begin talking about something that is, essentially an entire world inside this one, with real people running around in it?

With the help of audio and links sent in by "Mr. Tee",
I begin scrutinizing MMO's with an intense 'scrute'.
( Thank you "Goon Show" )

For a direct download of Mr. Tee's adventure in the
World of Warcraft, please click here:
"Burning Steppes"   1.97meg  4min  55sec

How much of an MMO is "only a game"?

If they're supposed to be for role playing, why is it so difficult to find role playing when you enter them?

Click to Embiggen . . . Click to Embiggen

Oddly enough . . . the slightest glance at the most successful online game out there ( World of Warcraft ) displays the very same paradox discussed in the last show.
MMORPG's display one of the pinnacles of earthbound human achievement in Art, Music and Technology - with an astounding heap of bloody violence thrown in.

Is it an online game or is it theater or is it both?

Next week, in 17 - I may even try to answer the questions Mr. Tee posed in the first place. >_<

We barely scratch the surface on this one folks.

for this show from The Norwegian Viking, "Mr. Tee" :

Some articles about the negative side of mmo's :



Some positive :



Some interesting MMO games:






And http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/

Wikipedia's "Catharsis" :


The "Does My Geek" mini-drama Rocket adventure:


The "Fist Full of Comics" Ginormous-Drama
"Shakespeare Tonight!"


Terry Pratchett's

"Wyrd Sisters"

Closing song this week: "Nobody Knows"
Composed and sung by - UNKNOWN


Transmission 015  July 9th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
"How can I answer Digger?"

Download the .mp3  -  29.2 meg     1 hour  12 minutes

We got here and remain here as human beings.
Shall we continue to war with each other, or is it
time to replace ourselves with something better?

Some time ago I, along with many others, got a request from Patter of  "Diggers Story" to take a moment and record a short
audio message - defining Peace and what I'm doing to help bring it about.

It stopped me dead in the water.

While I can certainly define what I think Peace is . . .
knowing what to do and taking steps to make it a reality worldwide defies my abilities.

It also frames the Question for this week. :
Is it Possible to have Universal Peace so long as we
continue to act like humans?

I take an hour here to try and answer that.
I'm pretty sure I fail, but in the process I bring out a variety of
artistic references that hold a mirror up to bits and pieces
of the human animal.

Maybe the reflections can help reveal why the
goal of world peace has yet to be achieved.

Links for this show:

"The Mystery of Edwin Drood"
"Sweeney Todd"
Times Square Live Cam
"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"
"Feet of Clay"

Closing song this week: "round the bend"
Composed and sung by Adrina Thorpe
- from her album 'Elusive'

Transmission 014  June 30th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that sings:
"Hey Diddle Dee Dee . . . An Actor's Life For somebody else."

Download the .mp3  -  32.3 meg     1 hour  20 minutes

This one's for Role Players!
As a listener driven podcast, I am happy to announce
that a listener has stepped up to steer it for an episode!
( Don't blame Mr. Tee - All he suggested was a short
segment within the podcast,  it was I that prattled on
for an entire show. )

Hot Diggity!
Listener feedback!
An email from The Norwegian Viking
An Odeo from no less than Sarah herself at
"Does My Geek Look Big In This?"

It's a damn good thing you all can't see me dance. :)

This episode delves into the intricacies and avenues of
improving character portrayal while playing table-top or
other Role Playing Games.
The Viking's suggestion was simply for a segment, but
I ran with it - being an over-indulgent  HAM  Actorrrrrreh.

Admittedly, describing the dynamics of performance
and relaying some of my experiences and observations
about vocalization and character portrayal, may not be all that useful for experienced RPG veterans.
It can be accurately argued that steady role players have done
more acting than I have for the past 15 years, simply by
regular Game Play.

And even as I think all these things . . . . somehow . . .
it still doesn't manage to shut me up.

Closing song this week: "Just Voice"
Composed on an Amiga 2000 in 1992
- by anim5

Transmission 013  June 19th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
Thirty Six BILLION Dollars ! ?

Download the .mp3  -  28.7 meg     1 hour  12 minutes

The Exxon - Chipmunk Rant Show
With comic interludes.

Your PC or audio player is not broken.
I left the whole episode running at top speed to
get through it as quickly as possible.

It does fall under the category of "Rant", but it is, at least
a rant about an important subject.

The incredible power behind the company that goes after
and sells the power.

If this entry serves any purpose, it would have to be the
simple expression of utter shock and outrage that this type of
obscene profiteering and abuse of power continues unchecked.
( no helium was inhaled during the making of this episode.)

Links for this show:

"The Republican War on Science" by Chris Mooney
The Exxon Site
World Changing
Malaria Information

Audio files. Click to download:

The "Gamer: The Podcasting" Mini Drama
The "Dragon's Landing Inn" Mini Drama
The "House of the Harping Monkey" Mini Drama
( The voice of the Muse "Thalia" at the end
of that piece, belongs to Mrs. anim5 )

No closing song this week, but rather the Abott and
Costello "Who's on First?"  routine - with baseball
thrown out and "World of Warcraft" thrown in.

- by anim5

If you'd like that file by itself: click here please.

Transmission 012  June 7th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
If you recovered a slinky from a sealed granite block that spent 2 million years in space, would it still be able to walk down stairs and make a slinkety sound ?

Download the .mp3  -  26.4 meg     1 hour  6 minutes

The Ultimate Time Capsule
Think positive. Be Optimistic. Assume aliens of one kind or another WILL find it.
Deep Space - "Remember Humanity" Kit.

A solid granite block, 10' wide x 10' tall  x 2' thick - Sent hurtling out into space - will outlast the sun and the earth.
( According to NASA, so will the Pioneer spacecraft that were launched in the '70s. )

If humanity doesn't make it far enough and long enough to escape this solar system - and the earth will eventually fall into the sun . . .

Some indication of our existence and accomplishments would be nice to have speeding into the void for a few hundred million years.

What would you carve into the surfaces of this eternal marker, and what objects would you place inside it, if it had 12 one-square-foot compartments?

Closing song: "Adagio-Rondo For Glass Harmonica"

Transmission 010
Transmission 011  May 29th  2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
What do you get when you put a Seducer, a Prude, a Hypocrite and
the Devil together in a void?

Download the .mp3  -  Part 1 - 20.5 meg     51 minutes

Download the .mp3  -  Part 2 - 20.9 meg     52 minutes

"Don Juan In Hell"

'Round about the turn of the Last century George Bernard Shaw wrote a play called "Man and Superman" which he called a comedy and a philosophy. The premise of the play was that a wealthy, social revolutionary and confirmed bachelor named Tanner was attempting to run away from a woman he was destined to marry, and was captured by thieves in the desert.

In the desert night, he has a dream which is the third act of the play. In the dream, the characters from Mozart's opera  ' Don Giovonni ', come to life or rather come to death - and are placed in Hell.

These two episodes ( 10 and 11 ) consist of my attempt to re-create a plausible reading from the 1952 Columbia Masterworks album of that Third act dream, popularly titled "Don Juan In Hell".

While I may not agree with all the points made in the piece, the dialog - the concepts and the philosophies packed into this work are nothing short of brilliant.

As far as the "mission statement" of International Detective Dragons from Outer Space goes, - addressing questions of mystery that are important to all of the Human race . . .

. . . This work fits that purpose like a tailored glove.

Transmission 009  May 26th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
What made me think for even a SECOND that this could be covered in a single episode ?

Download the .mp3  -  29.2 meg     1 hour  13 minutes

Good and Evil ! ? - Scholars, theologians philosophers and clergy have written more scrolls, speeches and books on this subject than I have brain cells. So rather than pick a point of focus and study it to the full, I just start speculating out loud to see where it takes me.  ' Not real sure where I end up.
We start out with a milestone! - IDDFOS has its very first listener feedback email from Diggersstory!
A response to last episode's request. And her annoying character was astoundingly hidden in plain sight. Not a one of my co-workers picked him, and I didn't think of him either.
Saturday Night Live's "Annoying  Man".  ( How could we miss that ?  )
She provides a  vivid description of his nerve-rending antics in her letter, and IDDFOS fills with pride as it is read and then displayed on the podcast mantle!
Speculation begins with some pretty harsh examples of "Evil Deeds", but these aren't graphic or dwelled on for long. Good is given nearly equal time. - Some questions that are beyond easy, and some that take a while just to think about - and some that won't ever be answered.
Aside from being of questionable value, is "American Idol" an insult to the whole U.S. population simply because of its TITLE?
A daydream to play out : Twenty or thirty thousand Americans pay their way to an impoverished or flooded area in Africa or Asia and all show up at once to help. No matter what.
A miniature-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game that actually has role playing in it! The Game/World is called "Draeda/AWRPG" and in it, anim5 discovered new things about good and evil, simply because in that world, evil had a name change. Here's the 3-D place that hosts the game:  www.activeworlds.com
And here's the link to my ' in character ' response to calling murder a form of worship. : Darkness.
The episode closes running down a line of thought that starts with particle physics and ends with the emotional response to Good and Bad . No particular point was well made, and I will carry this failure for the rest of my life with deep shame.

See Ya next time !   :)


Closing song: "Little Orphan Annie"
From the original radio program

Transmission 008  May 20th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
Why should the 'Riddler' be dipped in hot wax? - and what is the zip code for "Zoom" ?

Download the .mp3  -  13.7 meg     34 minutes

This installment is for FUN. We depart from heavy speculation and delve into the trivial question posed at the end of the notes from episode # 2.

" Who would you send the Fiction Assassins after?"

If you saw a film, read a book or viewed a TV show that had one special, awful and detestable character in it - and you wanted it "killed" by the "Fiction Hit Squad" - who would it be?

I enlisted the aid of many co-workers to dredge up their long hated fictional personalities and skewer them in the light of present day good taste and sensibilities. ( or at the very least, tar and feather them without any deep analysis.)

A short installment this time, and many struggles against the forces of the universe to get it posted, but at last it is here.
And deepest thanks to the wonderful people who gave their audio input for this vacation from grave cosmic topics.

Closing song: "Swiss Miss"
Sung by Billy Murray - 1925

Transmission 007  May 13th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
How do we know Chock fullO'Nuts is a "Heavenly" coffee?

Download the .mp3  -  23.8 meg     59 minutes

The proof is in! Pressing "record" attracts loud trucks!
Beep-beep VrrrroooooOOOMM !
Question for pondering in this episode:
What would be your idea of heaven? If you could select or tailor your 'eternal reward', what would it be?

Secondary question:
What 3 or 4 sentences would you put on your eternal t-shirt
to identify YOU?
Explorations start with the concept of earth and human life as 'heaven'.
Here's the link I promised to "Squashed philosophers"
You'll find it in the right column also.
Clinical thoughts on the afterlife and the question of
Pam Reynolds. What's up with her?
Here's a link to a guy that seems to take great biased delight
in smashing even the most remote possibility that her experience offers any kind of proof:
And here's a link to a page that gives an outline of what happened.
What do YOU think?
Next -
Do we really have bodies, or are we riding around in a replacement process that "dies" every seven years?
Amusing Thing for this visit, a magazine headline:
SHAPE - "stressed? here are 10 real world fixes (no meditation involved )
Musings on my multiple universe library of acquired knowledge. Find the lottery numbers that you threw out when you were alive! Is that useful or what?
A Caution: Don't reduce the monkeys! They have to be infinite!
( An afterthought that I didn't consider while recording - It could
be a single monkey after all, so long as it types forever. But you'd have a long wait for those scripts.)

Next -
A sudden drive-by clash with a NY limo.  He was evil - He was innocent.  It's all ' point of view '.
The Sci-Fi Holodeck Heaven deal. You can't always get what you want.
The Asimov/anim5 connection!

Closing song: "Candy Pirates"
from The Cinnamon Bear - 1937

Transmission 006  May 12th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
Is it Fantasy? Or is it Frozen Reality Concentrate?

Download the .mp3  -  22.2 meg     55 minutes

This installment begins with shout-outs and Thanks to snooty_patooty and her podcast “Miss Smarty Pants” – and to Digger and Pootz of “Digger’s Story” – The very first fans of IDDFOS ! Thanks folks! Look to your right and you’ll find both of those shows linked under our favorite podcasts list.
We move on to discover what Juliet NEVER said.
We hear a few more promos and then delve into the topic for #6 –
Question to ponder for this one:
Which moment has more reality? Pouring a cup of coffee when you get home from work, or Hamlet sneaking up on Claudius in the chapel with 1,500 people watching?
Secondary Question:
Are RPG's for role playing? Or do they afford a welcome opportunity to STOP the role playing we do constantly already?

Basically we explore the facets of reality and imagination as it relates to Role Playing Games, Theater, Religious Ritual and Literature. If every person’s point of view is a unique reality, what happens when all of those realities merge into an audience, a LARP group, a congregation or even the soul-less dumb-show of the television?
Whole books could be written about the topic, but it can’t hurt to scratch the surface.
Give a listen, and write in your experiences of ‘disappearance’ or genuine magic during these events of magnified concentration and imagination. I’d love to read them in future transmissions.
Change of pace! A song at the very end just before goodbyes.
( Don't panic.  It is NOT me singing. )

"Down In Jungle Town" - written by
Theodore Morse and Edward Madden in 1908 - performed on the Jack Benny show 1950...?

Transmission 005  May 8th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
Why wasn't this explained to me when I was in school? - Part 2 of 2

Download the .mp3  -  20.8 meg     52 minutes

A shocking surprise for these installments! Actual audio quality!
This Special, two-part edition of IDDFOS is directed at people between the ages of 11 and 17.
It's primary focus is on the single most important thing students should be told - and never are.
Not "How to Read" - but WHY.

In Part 2:

Intense Courtroom Drama!
The only thing humans make that never wears out.

The Dating Game!
Some toolkits are better than others.

The wristwatch of infinite accuracy.
( A temporal version of Zeno's paradox.)

We Find out what POWER is.
After the forces of nature, it's millions of people that are
the most powerful force on the planet.

We "Follow the Money".
. . . and find out that it can't walk by itself.

We answer the easiest question.
We don't do it 'cause we can't see it.
Also - 'cause we don't wanna!

We leave with  a choice.

A big world with lots of choices
or a small world with few choices?
Your choice.

Transmission 004  May 8th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
Why wasn't this explained to me when I was in school? - Part 1 of 2

Download the .mp3  -  22.6 meg  56 minutes

A shocking surprise for these installments! Actual audio quality!
This Special, two-part edition of IDDFOS is directed at people between the ages of 11 and 17.
It's primary focus is on the single most important thing students should be told - and never are.
Not "How to Read" - but WHY.

In Part 1:

A visit with Polonius then and Polonius now.
Same meaning - different words

We cut to the CORE of the secret.
What's up with all this homework?

We play with infinity once.
A mind stretcher for looking at the big picture.

1 paragraph to put a dog in your head.
Multiple acts of creation.

We hear a commercial.
A repeat of the infommercial for The Paginator 2000.

We play with infinity twice.
A mind stretcher for looking at the little picture.

We’re going to Look at Somebody and Nobody.
A somebody that actually lived and
a  no "body" that's famous worldwide.

Transmission 003  May 4th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
What's the difference between the search for truth and a soap box rant?

Download the .mp3  -  26.5 meg  1 hour and 6 minutes

This one starts with an apology for the end of the last one.
What can I say? I don't know what I was thinking.
I renew my hopes of producing quality podcast speculation, but then a train attacks me.
The major bulk of this installment covers the topic question for this week:
How do you feel about what's going on in the world and the
role of the U.S. government? - Has anyone got any speculations about why the search for alternative energy has been fruitless for the past thirty years? -
Relevant link:

And the second half of today's question: Is there really a Democracy in America? Or is it all a dog and pony show?
Jumping out of that serious mire, the subject turns to
amusing audio. You'll hear the clip "Perfect Entertainment Cassette"
And finally , some shout outs and promos of Podcasts that inspired the beginning of this one.
You can find them in the links on your right.

A somewhat darker installment this time around, but one that I just had to get recorded before going on to the "Fun" stuff.
Thanks much for listening!

Transmission 002  May 1st 2006
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks:
When else are you gonna think about stuff like this ?

Download the .mp3  -  22.7 meg  57 minutes

When your countertop comes clean using an all new miracle cleaner, do you REALLY think it's a miracle?
I didn't think so.
This week's deep and insightful question for listener feedback:
Is it possible for the people of the world to witness a genuine miracle? A miracle that convinces 80% of the population that there is an almighty divine being?
If so - what would that miracle  have to be?

This installment goes into thoughts about the digital age and the phenomenon of  " Proof ".

It MUST be true. It's on the Internet!
October 4th 1966 - The "Tribble dump" needed to be tested before
putting Shatner underneath it. Fortunately, I showed up for the
grip call at Desilu that day.

Are we living in a time where it isn't possible to prove anything simply because we CAN prove anything using current technology?

The first third of this installment turned eventually into the
"Is there a God?" podcast.
Wasn't aiming for that, but what the hell.  Ya' can't get more cosmic than that.

Then smack-dab in the middle you'll find the audio story
"The Tale of Heaven and Hell" wherein one mortal is
permitted to see both and live to tell about it. ( available as a solo recording in higher quality through the ' audio candies ' link on this page. )

And finally,  in the last third of the hour,  we find anim5 in a
vintage rant about bad 60's plot decisions.
Lots of language was bleeped.
Cardboard - It's not just for refrigerators.   A trivial rant while cutting out scenery.
 Clearly he'd missed his nap. And clearly he has some deep-seated issues to resolve concerning "Doctor Smith" from Lost In Space.
Taping scenery together causes delusions.  If you can't paint. - PRINT !
( somebody please get that axe out of his hands , , , thank
you. )
Contrary to my desire for relevant topics - the "what's bothering you?" portion of this installment asks for your feedback regarding TV 'grief ' characters. Who would YOU like to send the fiction assassins after ?

Transmission 001  April 27th 2006

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that asks: For cryin' out loud, when are you
gonna get started already ? ! !

Download the .mp3   -   22.6meg    56 minutes

Trite saying for openers: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
After five or six months of wondering "Gee, what would I do or say if I had my own podcast?" I've finally plunged straight in and started one.
For good or ill, this is the very first audio installment of International Detective Dragons From Outer Space.
I wonder where it will go from here?
I have hopes that this will become something that I'm proud of.  But I can't be proud of anything if it doesn't exist.
So here it is. A slow, faltering beginning. But a Beginning.

In it, I prattle on for a bit about how lofty and noble I want the podcast to be. Soaring among the intellectual stars and dazzling a multitude of minds with its brilliant insight and soul nourishing deep substance.
( I just want to talk about important stuff ok ? It's likely to degenerate into the mundane, but for now I'm aiming high. )

This podcast will be fueled by listener feedback.
Each week a topic will be brought up for musing about
out loud. Here at the start, I've put out several.
Please write in, or record and email short .mp3 files
with your thoughts and comments.

Feedback topics for this installment:
( These topics are valid for feedback no matter
when you begin listening to IDDFOS )

Is the human race a natural part of the Earth, and
do we belong here?
Did humanity begin as a natural part of the Earth and
then mutate into something that does not belong here?
Is there survival of the personality, will, identity and
intelligence after the death of the body?
What would you do if you had all of the powers of  'Superman'
without ANY of the moral and ethical restraints?
What is " Important " ? . . .  and why?

Also a Listener feedback feature:
" What's bothering YOU ? "
Pet peeves, worries, and concerns that you have which seem to be off the radar of the 'popular' mass media. If it effects you then chances are it's effecting plenty of other people too.

Please make yourself and me happy by sending in your musings about any of the above topics.
Listener emails will be selected from, read on the podcast and discussed with great vigor and gusto!

Amusing THING of the week:
An "as seen on TV ! "  cleaning product on display at
the check-out of the supermarket, and the very first
IDDFOS podcast contest.
Listen in for the details.

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The intro music for International Detective Dragons From Outer Space for episodes
21 and after, comes from the radio adventure "Speed Gibson and the international secret police"  1937-38

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"Hosting The Kazimeer"
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