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Transmission 059  May  26th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that loves to learn. Hates to be taught.

Download the .mp3  -  59.8 meg     1  Hour  and  44  minutes

Does the educational infrastructure of the world
need an overhaul for the 21st century?

TED Talk Link

Thoughts on AI from the Encaffeinated One.
( And when he talks about AI - We LISTEN )

Some Horrors of the traveling road show are
shared by Professional Puppeteer Ed.

Greetings, Thanks and Input Inquiries along with
Warcraft Hails from Andros.

Zencore provides insight on education.

And the Encaffeinated one does likewise.

Links for this episode:

The TED talk as linked in the image above

The Company Ed Performs with:

Education In Finland - Wall Street Journal Article

The Ether Pump Theater's Online Inventory

No Topic for Episode 60
Episode 60 will be a
retrospective round-up of
the last 20 shows as well as any
new email read sent in by
listener's choice.
( OPEN FORUM , So Don't be Shy ! )

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar"
"The Wholey Unexpected Matter" ( link not yet live )

Detective Adventure

Closing Music:
"Et In Terra Pax"
Antonio Vivaldi
Glorias - 2nd movement
Audio was obtained from a Chinese
video - Sadly I cannot credit the

Background music
during this episode was by Edward Martin
and came from his album
"Lute Music of the French Renaissance
Available at Magnatune.com

Transmission 058  May  11th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that would prefer not to die, thank you.

Download the .mp3  -  59.9 meg     1  Hour  and  44  minutes

Medical - Technical - Digital - Immortality.
 If Given the choice would you take it?
And what do we do about all the people arriving, staying
and never leaving? The question may be a real one
before very long.

For videos, click the empty headed skinny little bastard.

A REINDEER LINE Birthday Greeting from Derek!

Greetings from a new listener who found us through
"For The Horde Radio".  Welcome Dan!

A Birthday Greeting and in depth feedback for episode 57
from Sarah!

More Welcome Feed back from
Ogre of "The Stabbing Contest" - Immortality?
Count him in!

Andros returns with a willingness to try the living forever
route, but he wants the fine print clarified.
I don't blame him a bit.

Links for this Episode:

The Eerie, but impressive face animation software

Game Maker

Topic for Episode 59 :
"If you had unlimited funding
and resources - and you could
change anything or everything about
the educational system in your
country. What would you do? Would you
make changes and what would they be?"

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Dimension X"
"Almost Human"

Science Fiction
May 13th 1950

29 minutes    16.3 meg

Background music
during this episode was by Suzanne Teng
and came from her album "Mystic Journey"
Available at Magnatune.com

Transmission 057  April  27th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that uses money, but never, ever trusts it.
Also, the podcast that is TWO YEARS OLD today  : )

Download the .mp3  -  78.6 meg     2  Hours and  17  minutes

Money - Part 2
The Shape-Shifting tool that is only as safe as the
humans using it.

Click for Bigness________Click for Bigness
Click for Bigness______________Click for Bigness
Click for Bigness________Click for Bigness
Click for Bigness________Click for Bigness

A  Fantastic volume of Listener input !

This episode we hear from:

Mister Tee
Sarah of "Does My Geek Look Big In This?"
The Encaffeinated one of "The Weird Show"
Curt The Camera Guy of "The Wandering Geek"
WES of "The Stealth Geek"
Kyle aka Hobbit
Ogre of  "Stabbing Contest"


The Film Mister Tee worked on that was
on Norwegian Television
has "Hosting the Kazimeer" Easter egg
Fast forward to 43:30 into this tv-show...

Bill Stone - The kind of acheivement rewarded by the West.

HAPPINESS  Nick Bostrom talks about human goals:

The Case for Optimism - Larry Brilliant

Bjorn Lomborg - Pricing Priorities

Amory Lovins - Oil endgame

The Article Curt recommends from NEWSWEEK:

BBC News Story regarding food crisis

ABC News Article RE:
"An Inconvenient Truth"

Article from Weatherunderground.com
underscoring the Al Gore errors:

The Article Sarah Recommends from National Geographic:

Singer recommended by Sarah's Dad:

Link from Andros regarding James Burke:

These sites list insanely stupid prices
for insanely stupid stuff:
Long List of The Most Expensive Things on Earth

Topic for Episode 58 :
"If you could be transformed into an immortal digital
version of yourself, 
( a nanotech cyborg ) would you?
With the procedure available worldwide, what
would you do about the resulting

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

No Old Time Radio for this Episode.

Background music
New York Consort of Viols:
renaissance instrumental music.

Transmission 056  April  7th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that knows it has to let go of the cookie to get
its hand out of the jar.

Download the .mp3  -  35.1 meg     1  Hour  and  36  minutes

A tool for civilized trade?
A method to allow individual and group specialization?
The dominant religion of the Earth?
Or the monster that ate humanity?

Sure the human species went extinct, but they had a healthy economy!

Curt exhibits superior taste in dinner companions.

Tyson escalates the possibilities when great minds meet.

James provides the facts regarding an evening with Bradbury.

Fantasy / Science Fiction  -  -  Gygax / Ellison . . .
Tyson shines some light on all.

Kyle selects for a dinner  guest and underlines the reality of
the 'rat race'.

Tyson explores the liminal states of action and introspection.
Each are good in moderation.

James reflects on the transformation of money from a tool to
a driving motivation for the super-rich to yank us all
along like puppets to get more of it.

Links for this episode:

EMP-MX71  Crank rechargeable mp3 player

Winning the Lottery means leaving the Planet
What to do when you suddenly become different.

The Technology is encouraging
Hydrogen plane
The question is not "How much money?"
The Question is "Does it work?"

Topic for Episode 57 :
"Is Money still a tool used by people
or has it taken over the world and become
a tool that uses US ?"

Further, " Will a refusal to let go of
money as the dominant ruler of humanity
be the cause of our extinction?"

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Jerry of the Circus"

Children's Adventure Serial

14 minutes    5.83 meg

Closing Music:
"An evening with Bach"
Voices of Music

Background music
during this episode was by Cheryl Ann Fulton
and came from her album "The Once and Future Harp"
also available at Magnatune.com


Transmission 055  March  23rd 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that sees cat dung as a biohazard.

Download the .mp3  -  40.8 meg     1  Hour  and  51  minutes

Animals are much like the weather. They are never 100% predictable. Humans are irrelevant.

The Dog don't like it. And neither do we.

Anim spends too much time on cat poo.

Mick Bradley on The REINDEER LINE
with a welcome and accurate reminder
of what country we're in.

New Listener!  Ed - On Tattoos, stability and
tunes that identify.

Curt The Camera Guy on the Ultimate Liminal State.

James on Dinner with the dead, and laying the smackdown
on DC Dereliction and Marvel Madness.

Curt The Camera Guy stands on the outskirts with THE THING.

The Encaffeinated One contemplates one of the scariest mirrors for us all.

Curt The Camera Guy on tattoos that remind us more than identify us.

Agent Desilu re-discovers The Geologic Podcast.

Zencore ponders: What do you do when you find a conversation piece, but can't find the rest of it?

Links for this Episode:

Free Lego Software:
Lego Digital Designer

Topic for Episode 56 :
"Is Money still a tool used by people
or has it taken over the world and become
a tool that uses US ?"

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Inner Sanctum"
"Death Across the Board"

Thriller Mystery
June 5th 1945

30 minutes    13.9 meg

Closing Music:
"So Does An Automobile" -Mae Questral
( Betty Boop )
Max Fleischer Studios 1935

Background music
during this episode was by Michael Masley
and came from his album 
available at magnatune.com

Transmission Skype Chat 007  March 7th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that likes Skype Chats and wants to do more.

Download the .mp3  -  40.77 meg     1 Hour  36 minutes explicit

It is Fascinating, Fun and Fast.
From Stan Freberg to James Burke -
Amazing Meetings to Digital Music . .
and more.
A Skype Chat licensed to kill, with
George Hrab of The Geologic Podcast!

Yes . . . Yes I am.
         Ogden Photographics

Links for this episode:

Stan Freberg:
Amazon Link
( No - I'm not hooked up with them that way. I don't
get a "kick back". More fool me. )

Monty Python:
Amazon Link
( No kick back here either. I must be
an idiot. )

Dragon Con:

Soccergirl Inc.:

The Amazing Randi:

BBC Planet Earth:

James Burke:
Amazon Link

James Burke's Knowledge Web:

Special link for visitors from The Geologic Podcast:
anim5 does audio bits too!

A pebble dropped creates
Ripples of inspiration with multiple rebounds, gaining in strength
from generation to generation.

All things and all people must pass.
I don't think anyone's ever concluded that we have to feel good
about that.
But when it's possible I guess we should be glad certain people lived.



I'm very glad Mister G lived.

Transmission 054  March  2nd 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that will never buy a gun as a rhino in underpants
while dancing the Flamenco.

Download the .mp3  -  27.2 meg     1  Hour  and  14  minutes

Is it an innocent dancing rhino? Or is it the surreal minion of gozer?

Anim frets about high strangeness, spam and gun laws.

Successful and welcome use of The REINDEER LINE
as we enjoy audio from The Encaffeinated One.

The REAL reason spambots can get beyond those
letter picture codes - Explained in cinematic lingo by

Art, Mind, Change and above all, MUSIC as an identifier
from Dickey.

Links for this Episode:

The Free Movie site:

Amazing new concept about guns and explosives:
Lautenberg Article

Dickey's youTube Links:
Sublime - 40oz To Freedom
Offspring - Self Esteem
Nirvana - Stay Away
Refused - New Noise
- -
Don Ross -  Loaded. Leather. Moonroof

Last Minute News Break - Not in the episode:
A New Podcast by Mick Bradley!
The Game That May Be

I left this out of the show again.
Topic for Episode 55 :
"If you could sit down for dinner and
conversation with
anyone alive today. Who would it be?"
( I yoink this idea with a tip of the hat to George Hrab. )

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"The Adventures of SUPERMAN"
"The Monkey Burglar"

Children's Adventure Serial
February 24th 1947

14 minutes and 18 seconds   3.27 meg

Closing Music:
"Main Street Style" - Please email the
composer's name if you know it.

Background music
during this episode was by Hans Christian

and came from his album 
"Cinema of Dreams"
available at Magnatune.com

Transmission 053  February  17th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that remembers too much.

Download the .mp3  -  34.9 meg     1  Hour  and  27  minutes

aintings - Songs - Photos - They can only capture pieces of who we are. Our identities change too often for art to fit permanently.

Un-altered original.

Superb audio from Mister Tee. A brief reading from
"Hosting The Kazimeer" by C.E.Sales.

A fictional mirror is found in a fantasy copper.

Mudmen and Animals. Is it James? Or is it All of us?

Well appreciated concern from Encaf1 via the Reindeer Line.


Anim5's mug photoshopped in.

Links for this Episode:

Kore Philosophy

The Dusty Show


Topic for Episode 54 :
Same as 53, but expanded to include
books, characters and films.
Basically, try to pick 3 works of art.
"What Painting, Photograph or Song
most completely describes who you are?"

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Our Miss Brooks"
"Photo Feud"

Situation Comedy
Starring Eve Arden

19 minute and  2 seconds  4.35 meg

Closing Music:
"Autumn Ballad" - By Thomas Fosseli
( Mister Tee )

Background music
during this episode was by Scott Joplin
"Solace" or "A Mexican Lullaby".

Transmission 052  February  3rd 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that's in transition.

Download the .mp3  -  41.8 meg     2  Hours  and  34  minutes

Everything is Liminal in its own way.

Transition = Instability = Mystery = Action

Amazing cinematic history in the making, plus
a fine helping of romance from Norway!

Successful sailing on the employment sea.
The secret is finding the right ship.

Audio from the Reindeer Line on what's important
and traveling the rough path to a better view.

Rant comparisons and Fancy Dress recollections.

Branching explorations of importance and transitions and
the importance of transitions.

Old accidents remain in the past. Present day colds
take precedence.

Links for this Episode:

The Game that May Be

Sarah's Good News Link
West Wing rant comparison


Gravity drawing toy that I forgot completely

Mister Tee's film Links -
Music video:
Promotional page:

Topic for Episode 53 :
"What Painting, Photograph or Song
most completely describes who you are?"

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Return to paper Plates"
"Yule Brenner"

OTR Parody

1 minute and 41 seconds   694 k

Closing Music:
Will likely be removed from this episode before long.

Background music
during this episode was by Chris Christou of Etherfysh

and came from his album 
"Box of Fysh"
available at magnatune.com

Transmission 051  January  13th 2008

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that may or may not know what's important.

Download the .mp3  -  44.1 meg     1  Hours  and  50  minutes

Straighten my tie puny humans.

What is Important? It may depend on who you ask, what time it is, where you are or when you are. It seems to be generally agreed though, that the friends encircling you rank pretty high on the list.

Exceptional feedback for this episode with great topics

Extremes in conspiracy theory

"Riddle Me This" interviews

What's it REALLY like "on the edge of change"

Friends and Music - Rank higher than ruts.

Keeping Imagination, questioning authority and getting
a global clue

Is American Culture "Tradition Poor" but "Innovation Rich"?

Links for this Episode:

The Collapse of Intelligent Design

The Absolute Peach

Stabbing Contest

Hardcore History

Diggers Story

Scooter Vagabond's Image Links:

Topic for Episode 52 :
"What are your views on transitional states?"
Life and identities during liminal
times and events?

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Long John Nebel"
"UFO Show Controversy 1958"

All-Night Talk Radio

Approximately 1 Hour and 49 minutes   18.8 meg

Closing Music:
"Carolan's Concerto"
by Da Camera
from their album : "Celtic Celebration"
Available at magnatune.com

Background music experimented with
during this episode was by Michael Masley
and came from his album 
also available at magnatune.com
(  Show audio indicates the album "Mystery Repeats Itself".
That is incorrect.)

Transmission 050  December  31st 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that does not exist without its listeners. Happy New Year!

Download the .mp3  -  49.4 meg     2  Hours  and  24  minutes

IDDFOS ushers in the future with tales of the past. This New Year's Eve show is saved by the  listeners and looks forward to a frightening and exciting 2008. Thanks for staying with me this long and I hope
you'll hang around for all that's on the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR !

This Tree Might Look Familiar to You

Links for this Episode:

The New Forums !

- Link to the OLD forums ( if you can get in ) -

Hardcore History

The Angry Dwarf Insult generator

Topic for Episode 51 :
"What is important?"
On a personal level? On A social level?
On a global level?
Is it a matter of scale, timing . . .
who you ask . . .
What really IS important?

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This Episode's Genre Nugget
"Afloat With Henry Morgan"
"Episode 1"
"Episode 2"
"Episode 3"
"Episode 4"
Adventure-Romance-Soap Opera

Approximately 12 minutes and 30 seconds each

Closing Music:
"The Ash Grove"
by Cheryl Ann Fulton
from her album : "The Airs of Wales"
Available at magnatune.com

Background music experimented with
during this episode was also by Cheryl Ann Fulton
and came from her album "The Once and Future Harp"
also available at Magnatune.com

Transmission 049  December  16th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that opened Schrodinger's box and couldn't find the cat.

Download the .mp3  -  43.6 meg     1  Hours  and  48  minutes

An episode rich in thought provoking ideas and wealthy with insights and questions from YOU. An excellent Holiday Feast for the end of 2007! Dine at the table or bring your plate into the den. Just don't get hit by the Wii players.

James has exceptional taste in gifts! :)

Links for this Episode:

Amory Lovins:" We Must Win the Oil Endgame" ( this book is
available as a free download.)

Escape Pod

Derek's Blog:


 Larry Lessig: "How creativity is being strangled by the law."

Cliff pickover's Reality Carnival


This Episode's Genre Nugget
"The Sure Thing"
November 11th 1954
Starring Hy Averback

23 minutes      5.35 meg

Closing Music:
 by Jeff Wahl
from his album "Guitarscapes"
Available at magnatune.com

Transmission 048  December  2nd 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that records anytime, anywhere by thunder!

Download the .mp3  -  63.6 meg     2  Hours  and  38  minutes

Delayed by chest colds, weather, cardboard, chandeliers and the great god Procrasto - Episode 48 is at long last here. The content is every bit as excellent as IDDFOS listeners have always made it! Hell, even better!

The Reindeer Line Works!
And guess who proved it !  :)
(206) 350 - 7809

Congrats to Dickey and Wes - "The Stealth Geek"  is 1 year Old!

Links for this Episode:

A film of odd people and odd inventions.
All from the very early days of the 1900's

( related link: Antique High Tech )

The Wandering Geek Mini Drama!
Refrigerate after listening!  8 minutes  30 seconds     7.94 meg

National Geographic Article that Sarah found:
In the archives of the brain our lives linger or disappear.

Robin Williams Demonstrates Creature creation in

Topic for Episode 49 :
"My Friends and Family have
heard this a thousand times.
But it happened to me and it's my
favorite little story to tell."

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This week's Genre Nugget:

The Goon Show

22 minutes      5.18 meg

Closing Music:
"Let it Go"
 by theStark (Damon Law)
From music.podshow.com

Transmission  Still NOT 48  November  25th 2007
"Cardboard Rant # 3 - A Corrugated Crysitoonity"
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that in Unstuck in time.

Download the .mp3  -  52.9 meg     2  Hours  and  43  minutes

Trapped by my mortal enemy.

It has Juggling! It has Tribbles! It has small crowds of men screaming at each other! It has Large crowds of men beating each other up! Shoplifting! Raging storms and warehousey type noises! It's not nearly as exciting as this description! Anim5 talks non-stop for two-and-a-half hours while making kiddie show scenery in order to keep his sanity at the expense of yours.

Pictures of what I was working on:


My apologies to all contributors to episode 48. Production time
on it takes far longer than these "rants", and it will be posted next
week. Thanks for your patience.

Transmission  NOT 48  November  10th 2007
"THEY took Chandeliers to Manhattan"
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that can talk AND drive. ( sometimes).

Download the .mp3  -  24.1 meg     1  Hour  and  19  seconds

An unexpected journey into the city, marks a year after the
Tick-Tock Diner meet-up and audio-documents the
Trashing-In-Transit of twelve chandeliers.

Many bits and pieces of this installment are a kind of supplement
to the topic of "THEY" coming up in the real episode 48.

I did  get pictures:

Click here please for largeness.........Click here please for largeness.

Bigger by clicking.......Enlarge by clicking.

Click for Big version.......Click to see full-size.

Make Object in Mirror - Bigger by clicking.......Click here please for larger picture.

Recommended Companion Volume for this episode:

"Who Needs Donuts?"  by Mark Allen Stamaty

Here's and example of the detail in that book.
Click the image below for a small section of it :

Click me to see a detail snippet.

Incidental background music
by "Thursday Group"

Closing music:
from their album "First  Album"
available at Magnatune.com

Transmission 047  November  4th 2007
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that says "hello" to birds.

Download the .mp3  -  45.3 meg     1  Hour  and  53  minutes

Strange gripes with little mystery. Anim5 takes a series of noisy
van rides on a Saturday in "Joisey".  Self-Checkout Scanners.
Shrinking candy Bars - Service Plans that service an elite few.
ST Voyager good / Kate Mulgrew bad. - Why does time make
yearbook pictures look more and more stupid as the years tick by?

Links for this Episode:

More pictures than you'd ever wish to see
showing the formation of a BETTER than broadway set :
( anim5 appears on the forklift in image MMISL_200 )

The Geologic Podcast :

Derek's webcomic find :

Topic for Episode 48 :
Who do you think  " THEY " are?
What do you think THEY look like?
How do you suppose THEY spend their time?
How often do you suppose THEY . . .
are  US ?

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

This week's Genre Nugget:

"Lux Radio Theater"
"Meet Me In St. Louis"
Film Adaptation
Starring Judy Garland, Margaret O'brien
and Tom Drake
December 2nd, 1946

57 minutes      13.0 meg

Closing Music:
 by 37hz
From music.podshow.com

Transmission 046  October  18th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The Cast of Pod that sounds both smart and dumb,
A little more than most and less than some.

Download the .mp3  -  34.3 meg     2  Hours  and  8  minutes

Stage dialogue that cuts right to the quick  -  Teenage temporal physics
A sadistic Literary stand-by  -  Star Trek On Avon -  A Board Game that
will serve our turn  -  The spiritual versatility of a short bit of lumber


It's the magic of the words that astound us. Whether this guy wrote them or not.

Amazing listener feedback for show 46.
Topics paint a broad
and fascinating picture
whether they're
about globular theater or not.

The closing audio quality is fit to round out
the " Two hours TRAFFIC of our stage ".

The Reindeer Line!
(206) 350-7809
Call in anytime,
anywhere and
leave a voicemail to be

played on the show !

Links for this Episode:

Curt's spotlight on Pendant Productions :

The Curio Podcast :

Web Comics Link Page :
More online comics than even YOU can read!

CBC Radio - "The Best of Ideas" - Second Life

The Square One Podcast :

Pen and Paper Games :

IDDFOS on YouTube :

Terrific Mini-Motor video :

Edmund Scientific :

. . . and another great source for MAGNETS :

Still have here a Quicklink to the Complete Works :

Topic for Episode 47 :
" Life's little mysteries. What little nagging
questions keep you wondering? "
Where is "Sheba" and why are there so many
who think they're Queen of it?
Why don't we ever see any baby pigeons?
After a century of Newspapers and phone books
how can we still have trees?
Why does my horoscope keep calling me names?

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

Jump link to the Audio Candies page :
The "All's Well That Ends Well" phone rant.  -  21 minutes

This week's Genre Nugget:
"The Halls of Ivy"
Dr  Bromley, Shakespeare Expert
Comedy Series
Starring Ronald and Benita Coleman
February 3rd, 1950

29 minutes      6.9 meg

Closing Music:
"At the Castle Gate"
 by Minstrel Spirit
From their album "Enter the Wood"

Transmission Skype Chat 006  September 30th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that really appreciates a good cup o' coffee.

Download the .mp3  -  43.6 meg     2 Hours  and 39 minutes

A super-charged ramble across the conversational landscape.
Our traveling companion: The Encaffeinated One!
Host of "The Weird Show" podcast and radio program!
Listen in and watch the bucket of super-bounce-balls  rebounding,
colliding, zigzagging and generally celebrating variable-speed
cerebral chaos.
Doses of  home grown Canadian humor are also served up
with a wild grin! Predictable? . . . NOT.

The Weird Show
..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..
There's more going on to talk about than there are hours to cover it all!
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Links for this episode:

The Sonic Society

Darker Projects

Prisoner's Dilemma

Jame's Book Site

No closing music for this Skype chat, so place your favorite
song right after it in your play list.  ;)

Transmission 045  September  19th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The Cast of Pod that treats of topics vast.

Download the .mp3  -  36.9 meg     2 Hours  and 15 minutes

Once again, I bite off far more than I can chew for one episode.  Yay !  :)

Shakespeare? Why didn't I just say "Next show we're going to talk about
everyone you ever met."

The Actor / Producer is real. Is the Author?

Though much must make this entry full of  mirth
With links to witty tantalizing stuff
A heavy sleep now pulls my bones to earth
and fuzzy brain shrieks "Anim5 !  Enough!"

Links for this Episode:

Direwolf's town and what happened to it.
Northwood, ND

Sarah's links to the "Reduced Shakespeare Company" :
video -
podcast -
"Round the Horne" entry -

The Norwegian Viking's
Links to some good foreign films :
Pans Labyrinth
City of God
Infernal Affairs

Burning Seawater :

Camera Guy's link to
The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition :

Are we crediting the wrong guy?
Shakespeare a sham? -
Shakespeare_debate Article

Arnold Schwarzenegger is HAMLET ! !

Quicklink to the Complete Works :

This week's Genre Nugget:
"Round the Horne"
The Rocket Site in Haiti
British Comedy / Variety
June 13th 1965

27 minutes      6.9 meg

Closing Music:
"Rambling Sid Rumpo"
 by Kenneth Williams
From "Round the Horne"

Special Thanks to Chuck Tinsley and Lonnie Ezell  at Dragon's Landing

for including my 'welcome back' mini-drama at the beginning
of their return
episode 83!
Welcome Back Dragon's Landing!
That mini-drama is available as an individual file here
on the "Audio Candies" page, along with many others.
Check'em out and Thanks For Listening  : )

Transmission 044  August 26th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The 2 - D  podcast that has friends in cool places.

Download the .mp3  -  25.6 meg     1 Hour  and 35 minutes

Top of the show includes Special coverage of cardboard
adventures at GenCon and Special thanks to Curt and Mick
for making them possible. A welcome to any new listeners
who arrived here on this page from Indy 2007.
Congratulations Mister Tee for getting engaged!


Feedback for this episode trots out the true stink bombs
of the entertainment industry, from films to music to
publishing. It all serves to point out that the term "amateur"

is relative.
Infinite thanks to Curt the Camera Guy and Mick Bradley
for taking cardboard cutouts of "Me" to GenCon !

Please click on the links below and see Scenes of
fun that went beyond all of my expectations !

Click here to see the anim5 adventures that Curt photographed !~*~*~*~*~Click this Link To Mick Bradley's GenCon Flickr Pics !

Curt  -  Mick  -  I can't thank you guys enough, but I'll sure try.
If anyone else would like to submit GenCon image
 links or pictures, Please do!

Links for this episode:
Many Podcasts are gathered here for the convenience of
listeners who may have found this page through GenCon '07
( Many of the Podcast Links are also repeated in the
column to your right. )

The Wandering Geek
House of the Harping Monkey
The Game Master Show
The Gamer Traveler
All Games Considered
The Rolemonkies
Vegas After Midnight ( game, not podcast )
Godsend Agenda ( game, not podcast )
Fist Full Of Comics And Games
After Serenity
Nuketown Radioactive
Have Games will travel

Do you play WOW? Click Here!
A New World of Warcraft podcast !  For The Horde Radio

A Horrifying Link From Curt The Camera Guy:
A Star Wars Christmas

The Weird Show - Now in Season 2

This week's Genre Nugget:
The Lux Radio Theatre
Drama/ Film and Story Adaptations
"Our Town"
May 6th 1940
50 minutes       14.8 meg

Closing Music:
"Winter Moon"
 by Rhonda Lorence
From her Album "Winter Moon"
Available at :

Transmission Skype Chat 005  August 12th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that admires the work of others.

Download the .mp3  -  31.1 meg     1 Hour  and 56 minutes

A long-awaited conversation with Mick Bradley
of "The House of The Harping Monkey" !
Topics range from Story Gaming to Deadly Iron to Theater.
Can you find Mick Bradley everywhere in gamer podcasting?
 . . . Good !

The Roundtable / Misfit  Brew / The Role Monkeys
..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..
Exploring Game Rules that Reward Roleplaying
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Links for this episode:

Evil Hat Productions


Oriental Trading Co.

RPG podcasts Directory

Closing music:
"Tender Passions"
available at

Transmission Skype Chat 004  August 5th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that can't watch scary movies, but CAN hear strange voices.

Download the .mp3  -  29.1 meg     1 Hour  and 40 minutes

Skype Chat 4 !  A  bit more than an Hour of fun chat with
Curt, The Camera Guy  of
The Wandering Geek Podcast .

Settle in and eavesdrop on subjects ranging from
the horrors of audio fiction on the road at midnight,
to the wealth of geek options when traveling, to the
horrors of "Vista".
There's even a "Chip 'n Dale" Rant! Don't miss this one!

All that mileage AND a podcast too! Hot Diggity!

Links for this episode:

Child's Play - If you're a Gamer who wants to make a difference:

The Pixelated Percussion Video that Dickey Found:

The Singularitarian Video that Agent Desilu Found:

Special Thanks in this episode to:

All Games Considered

The Groovy Gamers Groovecast

The Stealth Geek Podcast

Closing music:
"Sea of Trees"
by Momo - J
available at

Transmission 043  July 29th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that needs to bop a punching clown every once in a while..

Download the .mp3  -  34.2 meg     2 Hours  and 5 minutes

Andrew Keen wrote a little book and propped it up like an artillery
 target out on the firing range.
While it pains me to direct any further attention
his way, it's still fun to blast holes in his waddling duck of an

" But Orville, the authorities say what we did is impossible."

A vast trove of listener feedback lights the fuses on the
fireworks, but there's very little debate. The premise of the
"Cult of the Amateur" is so LAME that laying out the
 reasons why is as difficult as eating a dish of ice cream.

But it's still yummy to eat the ice cream. :)

Topic for Episode 44 :
What are the 3 worst products of
"the professionals" that you've ever
been subjected to?

Movies - Books - Music or even "expert opinions"

LINKS for this Episode:

"The Cult of the Amateur" -
Article Link to an unpopular outlook.
Second article:
Reuters on Keen
Keen's Blog site:

Article on facebook:
Lawsuit involving online networking site.

Derek's Blog:
Bob Kilgore’s “Cloudburst”:
Joshua Young covering Hide and Seek
by Imogen Heep:
Pagan Quill:
Net Neutrality:
Mahalo - Search Engine

Article that Curt found:
Hot / Cold climate reporting

This week's Genre Nugget:
The Lives of Harry Lime
 Adventure / Crime
"The Double Doublecross"
January 18th 1952
29 minutes       6.58 meg

Closing Music:
"Round the Bend"
 by Adrina Thorpe
From her Album "Elusive"

Transmission Skype Chat 003  July 14th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that doesn't take small bytes.

Download the .mp3  -  35.8 meg     2 Hours  and 25 minutes

Skype Chat 3 !  An in-depth visit with Mark "Thayan" Reed
 of The Groovy Gamer's Groovecast .

Settle in and eavesdrop on subjects ranging from
Play-By-Post to Tabletop to the Psychology of the
whole gaming world. A lengthy feast of ideas. Chew each
bite slowly and sip some ale as you dine.

Some things are so horrible, they slide off your brain and refuse to enter.

Links for this episode:

Atlas Games:

Evil Hat productions:

Nycteris' Link to Transhumanism article:

Gaming Cultures:

Thesis Book:
Gaming As Culture: Social Reality, Identity and Experience in Fantasy Games


Closing music takes a rest for this episode. Will return next time.

Transmission 042  July 8th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that wants to eat grass, drink seawater and live to
be 210. ( so long as I'm rich )

Download the .mp3  -  33.3 meg     1 Hour   23 minutes

A continuation of "Transhumanism and Idiosyncrasies".

New Listener feedback from Dickey the Stealth Geek, Big Jack Brass, Raphael, Sersie and premium audio input from
Curt The Camera Guy both for the opening of the show, AND
 in a topical sound clip from the future!

A very rich episode to round off this topic and give it its due.

Please check out the many links for this show, and
please consider writing in for episode 43.

Topic for Episode 43 :
" Internet Content - Quality ? or Crap? "
Please follow the link below to
"The Cult of the Amateur" - Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

LINKS for this Episode:

Wikipedia Link to Transhumanism -

"The Cult of the Amateur" -
Article Link to an unpopular outlook.

Link to the SL Article that James Stubbs found :

This week's Genre Nugget:
People Are Funny
Game Show
"Giving Away Frogs"
January 6th 1952
25 minutes       10.1 meg

Closing Music:
"Outer Cape"
Composed and played by Jamie Janover
From his Album "Evolutions"

Transmission Skype Chat 002  June 28th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that is STILL learning to speak "Live".

Download the .mp3  -  35.2 meg     1 Hour  28 minutes

Skype Chat 2 !  A Laid back chat with Dickey
 of The Stealth Geek  podcast.

Settle in and eavesdrop on subjects ranging from
Toronto architecture to RPG moments to Festival
Fried Foods!

Links for this episode:

The CN tower:

Dickey's RPG inspired composite:

The Cruise of the Poll Parrot:
( Holy crap !! You can find ANYTHING on the internet !! )


2advanced.com The bleeding edge of Web design:

Nanosolar. (  It's the quiet ones you have to watch ):

Closing Music:
"Track 2"
Composed and played by Stephen Geist

Transmission 041  June 21st 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that wants blue eyes, underwater breathing and

Download the .mp3  -  41.7 meg     1 Hour   44 minutes

A massively broad topic with content that will go
beyond just this episode.

An impressive graphic that fits the topic. Don't ask me what it all means.

With current and approaching technologies, all kinds
of changes to individual bodies and to the human
race as a whole are possible.
Will we be smart enough to change only what SHOULD
be changed?  Or will the technology overtake our judgment?

Please check out the many links for this show, and
please consider writing in for episode 42's continuation of this topic.

LINKS for this Episode:

The "Space Ship Radio" podcast -

Wikipedia Link to Transhumanism -

Patented Bacteria -

yBook paperback emulator -

Direct link to the Text file -
"What is Man?" by Mark Twain

Raymond Kurzweil Video -
The future in 23 minutes

Audio File sites with more Kurzweil Material -



Precis Intermedia Gaming -

The Cult of the Amateur -
Article Link to an unpopular outlook.

Image that goes with the Wikipedia link -

The Traditional Naturopath Podcast -

This week's Genre Nugget:
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Serial Adventure
"The Gunpowder plot"
November 5th 1945
29 minutes        6.20 meg

Closing Music:
"Dance of the Clouds"
Composed and played by ORIGEN

Transmission Skype Chat 001  June 10th 2007

International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that is learning to speak "Live".

Download the .mp3  -  34.8 meg     1 Hour  36 minutes

A wonderful conversation with Sarah and
Nev of "Does My Geek" ranging in topics from
Second Life, to Podiobooks to Digital Oddities.
The very first IDDFOS skype chat!

This is the Tea House Sarah Built:

Click for full size
Thanks for the in-world snapshot Nev!

Links for this episode:

The Second Life News article Curt posted

Sydney Storm Chasers

The Free High-Powered 3-D modeling software
Nev recommended


Repeat Link from Episode 17 ( anim5 models
from Active Worlds )

Closing Music:
"My Number One Dream Came True"
 Sung by Skinny Ennis
on the "Abott and Costello" Radio program.

Transmission 040  May 31st 2007
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that knows the fashionable age is forty.

Download the .mp3  -  27.3 meg     1 Hour   8 minutes

A Mile Marker of a show.

Somewhere in this episode is a complete summary
of shows 21 through 39 done in Three minutes and
15 seconds. ( Chipmunk Style )

Emails - Welcomes - News and a BIG THANKS
to you all for listening to IDDFOS for the past year!

Links for this episode :

Curt The Camera Guy's Podcast !   Check it out :

The Stealthgeek is back . . . cool   :)

WETA Rayguns :

YOUR self-made Raygun :
Raygun  Building Tutorial

Audio Literature Odyssey

Wikipedia Link to Transhumanism

This week's Genre Nugget:
Journey Into Space
Science Fiction Adventure
"Operation Luna - episode 9"
November 6th 1953
27 minutes        6.20 meg

Closing Music:
"Track 1"
Composed and played by Stephen Geist

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