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Greetings Creative One! I am Leona Lederlander, Countess of Artistic Inspiration throughout all of Time and Space, and Second Cousin to 'Dame Fortune'.

I have the distinct honor of presenting to you the gift of Random Chance, so that you may make use of it in your improvisational musings. How? With Improvisational Dice, of course!

Lots of Writers and Theatrical performers get together for fun games of improvisation and "Brainstorming". But sometimes it can be hard to think of a good starting point. Well, when the imagination needs a little "kickstart", try rolling out an Anim5 Ball of Improvisation!

Soon you'll be watching Frankenstein and a talking Monkey Playing Tennis on the Moon! Or an Astronaut and a Devious Duck Driving a Tractor to France! Or Santa Claus and a Giant Bee Digging through the Earth to China! Or . . .well there are Hundreds of possible combinations!

Simply roll an identity ball for the character you'll play or write about. Your acting partners or brain-storming co-playwrights will do the same.  Then roll the Situation ball to find out where your characters are or what they're doing.

From there, you take over and ANYTHING can happen !  Each Ball of Improvisation has 19 possibilities and  1 "Roll Again", so you'll never guess what combination is coming next!

© 2000 Anim5