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I apologize to you All, But episode 67 will be delayed by 1 week. My skills at the online "selling" of my talents have been weighed and found wanting.I'm making superb progress in transforming my resume / portfolio from the scribblings of a clown act into something that might convince someone to hire me - BUT the time it is taking has eaten away completely at my show production schedule. Thank you Extremely much for your patience. All input and news for #67 will be aired next week.

Open Ended Series # 1 - September7th 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that doesn't like "built-in" subject taboos.

Download the .mp3     42.5 meg    1 Hour and 46 minutes

Since there will be no further "Corrugated Rants", I've decided
to set aside extra special blocks of audio as a new addition to the feed.

Simon of The Curio and anim5 delve into the topic in this first of several bonus episodes entitled "Open Ended Series". Individual sightings and events are not examined in detail. What receives the most attention is the topic itself.

Choose your reality.

The regular IDDFOS  podcast will be posted on its normal bi-weekly schedule next Sunday. 'Hope you enjoy this extra material - And please feel free to write in with your feedback regarding our treatment of the subject.

Links for OES #1 :

Derren Brown:
Neuro Linguistic Programming :
Truth / Faith Investment :

High Profile UFO Cases :

Vintage Audio interspersed in OES  # 1 is from
( right-click to save )
"The Case For The Flying Saucer"     mp3 audio file
CBS Radio special narrated by Edward R. Murrow

Transmission 066  August  31st 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that takes plenty of breaks.

Download the .mp3  -  54.1 meg     1  Hour  and  34  minutes

Billboards - Dolphins - Lizards - Timewarps - UFOs - Triangles of Travel and The Origin of the Universe. In other words . . . a SCIENCE show !

Old, Odd, New, and closed to all human eyes.

Dan sends cool links to alternative energy info and a place to find his music.

Ogre wants billboards to heighten the awareness of the readers, and also wants to know what the deal is with Dolphins. Closes with an overlooked element of reality formation: TIME.

Sarah clears up the mystery behind "Picnic at Hanging Rock" with a link that reveals the original ending! Themes of clashing cultures warping time.

Fred Trellis offers up his sources of input and why he trusts them. Includes tales of broken glass, triangular options and a new scrabble word! Later, a reply to Ben's Forum post.

Ben Forum posts with much appreciated praise of the show, touching on the UFO topic and renewed considerations of what is 'real'. He's playing with time as well! Listening to IDDFOS alternating from most recent to oldest as he goes. Cool!

Curt the Camera Guy slows down from a high-speed Summer and catches us up on a full range of IDDFOS questions. No doubt, speeding up again to resume his journey.
Closing Music for this episode is from his CD
Geeks On Vacation
"Short Bow - Long Rapier"

Links for this episode:

Topic for Episode 67 :
" How many lies do you recognize immediately
when they come from the media? - When
was the last time you spotted one?"

 Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !  :)

Genre Nugget:
1960's Super-Short Comedy
"The Story Lady"  -  60 second parodies
of classic fairy tales. Find many more here:

Background Music for this episode :

A Circle of Hidden Intentions by Greg Williams

Transmission 065  August 18th 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that never saw anything . . . and neither did you.

Download the .mp3  -  73.5 meg     2  Hours  and  8  minutes

Infrasonic waves, Mystery Music from the fifties - Another thumb out with mine to hitch a ride on a Skype game - And an anim5 ramble about - UFOs as a taboo subject. It will stay that way forever until SOMEBODY comes up with a craft. Produce the hardware. It's making me tired already.

Links for this episode:

Topic for Episode 66 :
" Aside from your senses, what sources
of information / input
help you form your reality ?
and how implicitly do you trust them ? "

Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated !:)

Genre Nugget:
1950 Radio Documentary
"The Case for the Flying Saucer"
28 minutes 15.9 meg

Transmission 064 August 4th 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that can't keep a secret.

Download the .mp3 56.8 meg 1 Hour and 39 minutes

The Secret of Success! The Secret of the Kennedy Assassination ! The Secret of UFOs ! NONE of these are revealed in this episode !

The Weird Show Nominated for a Parsec Award!

A Hardy Hello and handshake to all new Paper Mill listeners.

anim5 puts a thumb out for any passing Skype group games.

New Forums - Final Stand - As Mister Tee put it, "Fort Knox".

James would like to know the Secret of Success.

Kyle wants the truth behind the JFK Assassination and UFOs.

I want to know why "Frank" was so funny.

Links for this episode:

Topic for Episode 65 :
" What are the BIGGEST SECRETS
you want revealed ? "
also: Any answers you may have re:
The Secret of Success
The JFK Assassination

Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated ! :)

Genre Nugget for this episode.
The Saint - Starring Vincent Price
Episode 64"
date unknown
Detective / Mystery
28.04 minutes 6.42 meg.

Background and Closing Music from :

Meditative Guitar by Jeff Wahl

Transmission 063 July 20th 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that NEVER loved Casper the friendly ghost.

Download the .mp3 45.9 meg 1 Hour and 20 minutes

The Wandering Geek is a year old and an ENnie award Nominee! Emails, Forum Posts, Shoutouts! An old friend becomes a new listener, stories are told, songs are sung and the original producers of Casper the Friendly Ghost were big fat liars!

I Never loved Casper, And I'll bet Star Trek never believed in ME.

New listener and dear friend, "Most Brilliant Friend Nikki" offers billboard wisdom of her own. Welcome and Way to go Nikki !

Sarah provides a BONANZA of IDDFOS topic answers all at once! They're spot-on and spiffy. Check out the graphics she provided in the Links below.

Click to enlarge.    Click to enlarge.
Here also is her link to 'Media Master':

The Norwegian Viking takes time out from his far reaching South Pacific journey to provide a link to pictures!

James shares the news of his first publication in nationwide hard copy :
and offers some comments on 4th ed. His link to Paizo Publishing's "Pathfinder" RPG:

Ed the Pupeteer shares a hair-raising Dragon's Tale.

Direwolf Returns to the Forums and fills us in on what's happening in his town. Also he has 14 dogs.  Yes. . .  14

Topic for Episode 64 :
" What ONE SECRET would you
personally like revealed? "

Your feedback on this topic
would be greatly appreciated ! :)

Genre Nugget for this episode.
The Bob Hope Show
"Camp Bordon Canada"
September 19th 1944
25 minutes 8.77 meg.

Background and Closing Music from:

A Celtic Celebration by Da Camera

Transmission 062 July 7th 2008
International Detective Dragons From Outer Space
The podcast that is guilty of counting telephone poles.

Download the .mp3  -  50.3 meg     1  Hour  and  28  minutes

Superhero Factory - Hip Haikus - Norwegian News - Audio Evil Lordings Over - Too Much Pole Prattle - and 50 tons of Vinyl !

It Can't be played on a stage, so you'll have to hear it here !

Lost forever - Saved forever

Ed provides a link to an online graphics tool for creating slick, custom Super Heroes.

The Encaffeinated One Provides Billboard Haikus of inscrutable depth.

The Norwegian Viking takes a breather and fills us in on what's up with sad news about a golden pet, "Age of Conan", Billboard wisdom and then it's off to exotic vacation lands!

At long last - IDDFOS has a nemesis and his name is HAXOR!( hacks - ore )

Anim places his rambling chunk of gab at the END of the show instead of the beginning. 'Covers podcast recommendations, and calculator madness applied to telephone poles and record albums.

Links for this episode:

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