Tavern Names
Evil Factions
Book Titles
Character Names & Reputations
Magic Items
What is all this?

These pages hold lists of 100 possible choices per column.
When combined, they will present a framework and a launch point for collaborative, improvisational group comedy or become a "quick feed" of elements for game play.

They are tailored toward any Fantasy Game or Stage Scenario that's got a Medieval, Western European flavor to it that allows for wild and strange Magic.

Every once in a while it's more fun (and easier) to let FATE decide a story point when folks gather and play.

Your game master might need a quick name for a Tavern, a Ship, a Character, a Place, a Magic Item, an Enemy Organization, a Book Title or a Rumour.

Rather than having to make something up on the spot, these lists provide quick access to, hopefully amusing choices, that will add humour and colour to the game and improvisation.

If you and your gaming friends are imaginative, uninhibited and over-the-top role players . . .
then generate your own, fleshed out comic narrative aided by the random choices in these lists.
Pour the wine and don't forget to press 'record'.
You'll treasure the audio decades from now.

" Now go roll dice and make stuff up! "

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